Renaissance: In the Wake of (Re)imaginings, Movements, and Joy

The Consortium on High Achievement and Success (CHAS) Student of Color Leadership Conference

April 5–7, 2024
Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

Registration opens January 22, 2024 and closes on March 22nd, 2024.

Swarthmore seniors at the Black Cultural Center.

The Annual CHAS Conference offers college students safe, supportive spaces for honest and constructive discussion on the unique challenges and issues they may encounter as underrepresented students on the campuses of predominantly white institutions, and to collectively brainstorm strategies to create positive institutional change.

This year, the conference theme, “Renaissance: In the Wake of (Re)imaginings, Movements, and Joy,” aims to celebrate movements, creativity, and resilience. Our conference is a welcoming space geared towards students from our CHAS member institutions. It’s dedicated to acknowledging and amplifying the joy that exists within these communities.

The weekend will consist of workshop sessions, tours, keynote speakers and numerous opportunities for student engagement and networking.

The conference will open with a reception on Friday, April 5 and will close with lunch on Sunday, April 7, at noon


Registration opens January 22, 2024 and closes March 22, 2024