Event: Day 2: April 6 – Haverford College

  • Dinner & Keynote

    Bring your copy of Black Joy to dinner for a signing by Tracey M. Lewis-Giggetts following dinner and the keynote. Dinner, catered by Star Fusion, will include Halal, vegetarian, and gluten free options.

  • Afternoon Tours

    Mural Art Trolley Tour Explore the world’s largest outdoor art gallery and get to know Philadelphia’s stunning mural collection on an exciting guided tour! Weave through diverse neighborhoods by vehicle, and get inspired by the incredible public art that makes Philadelphia the mural capital of the world. Badass Women’s History Walking Tour Walk 1.5 miles…

  • CHAS Board Meeting

    Lutnick 211 CHAS Board Members will meet in Lutnick 211 from 3 – 4:30 pm.

  • Ballet Performance by Chocolate Ballerina Company

    Ballet performance followed by a short Q and A session presented by the Chocolate Ballerina Company. Chocolate Ballerina Company is a contemporary community-based dance organization, that supports the hidden talents in youth and adult artists of color in the Philadelphia region. We infuse classic ballet technique with urban pop culture music, to illustrate the cross…

  • Lunch

    Head over to Haverford College’s dining center for lunch. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options are available.

  • Session 2 Workshops

    Wellness, Expression, and Community Through Movement: fostering personal and community growth through dance. This workshop will guide attendees through discussion on how dance can serve as a vehicle for promoting groundedness through physical activity and cultural expression, as well as foster a sense of community. Group conversation will serve to illuminate what various pathways to…

  • Session 1 Workshops

    Reclaiming Black Wellness Through exclusive portrayals of self-care and wellness, we, as people of color, are often taught to earn rest. Our workshop seeks to decenter systems based in white supremacy and capitalism that perpetuate the myth that Blackness and wellness cannot coincide. Black Diasporic communities have been keeping ourselves well for generations. Following this…

  • Welcome & Morning Keynote

    Welcoming Remarks from Nikki Young and Wendy Ramond Keynote by Gabriel Angrand In the last few decades or so, spoken word has emerged as a poetry medium for all people. Open mic poetry venues are increasingly focused on expression before performance, which is different from the slam competition spaces that have also become popular over…

  • Breakfast and Registration

    Join us for breakfast in Haverford’s Dining Center. Sign in if you missed Friday’s events.

  • Kelly Kirby, Ph.D. (she/her)

    Kelly Kirby, Ph.D. (she/her)

    Kelly Kirby is a cultural anthropologist, filmmaker, and Associate Professor of Anthropology. Her research focuses on African fashion/apparel/textiles, Visual Anthropology/Film Studies, African Diasporas, and issues surrounding diversity, inclusion, equity, and accessibility. She recently co-produced a short documentary titled Ardmore: Seen and Unseen, which focuses on the history of the Black community in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, and…