Candice Love, Ph.D. (she/her)

In my role, I provide leadership and strategic direction to AMOs, to Black at Bryn Mawr, the ILLC (which is the new affinity housing), as well as programming and trainings related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism. I lead efforts that center on belonging and welcoming to enhance community and life on campus.

For academics, my undergraduate degree is in international studies and business, and then my master’s degree is in international peace and conflict resolution. I have a second master’s in management, and my doctorate is in management and organizational leadership.

I started off working at a university in Glenside for international services. So, I would oversee all of the study abroad programs, petitions for J-1 for our exchange students, and F-1 visas for our international students. I moved on to being a paralegal preparing visa petitions for international medical graduates coming into the U.S., and then started doing a lot of programming helping them get work in the United States and into medical residency programs. I transitioned into being a director of a Christian youth ministry, and then an adjunct professor at Cabrini University.

I am a Harley girl; I ride a motorcycle and I love the sense of peace and therapy it brings me. I’m also a big traveler. Whether it’s local or international, I love exploring new cultures and traditions.

Director of the Impact Center for Community, Equity, and Understanding, Bryn Mawr College