Muneera Walker (she/her)

As a retired General Contractor and proud mother of two, Muneera Walker enjoys her time as a social activist, representing community members for fair and even treatment through her grassroots effort, Neighbors Helping Neighbors on the Main Line. She started the nonprofit in response to the threat of global pandemic; but continues the work to create tangible recovery from generational disparities. Muneera’s love and support of her community is expressed through three key areas: Outreach & Resource Linkage, Education Empowerment, and Food Security. Muneera’s advocacy extends to levels of government, with emphasis on inclusion and the correction of larger safety net systems. She serves on the National Human Services Assembly Peer Council, PA Educator Diversity Consortium, Lower Merion Counseling and Mobile Services Advisory Board, Lower Merion Unhoused Task Force, and the Lower Merion School District Achievement Imperative Task Force. Muneera hopes for the replication of her organization’s principles globally, and dreams of a time when such services are no longer needed because we, as a world, care for each other – one neighbor at a time. “Kindness cannot be contained by human barriers or limited by parameters of governance.” – Muneera Walker