Sachio Takashima

Sachio left school in fifth grade, and is self-taught from that point on. He’s worked as a janitor/mover his entire adult life, and has taught himself literature and philosophy. 

Since 2011, he started to blend his activism with learning social geography, became close with a group of geography graduate students at Temple University, and presented at a conference on “self-taught working class geographers.”

He’s worked on building up regional geographies of each place he has lived and worked. He’s worked in Haverford Housekeeping since 2021, and a regional geography of Haverford is in the works. In March, he was given a research fellowship by Haverford’s IDEA office to support his investigation into Servants’ Dormitory, now the Guest Center.

He lives in Upper Darby with his beloved family, Danielle, and their five-year-old son, Dion.

Housekeeping & IDEA Community Fellow, Haverford College